Hébergement et Administration SAP

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Simple et efficace

Any successful outsourcing relationship demands competence, transparency and trust. Vos As your SAP outsourcing partner, your business requirements shape our technical, operational and strategic response and support.

Your communications with oXya are direct and accountable. A single, locally-based Service Delivery Manager, with intimate knowledge of your business and sector, will always personally co-ordinate your oXya SAP team.

Our service delivery model and all-inclusive pricing ensure that we constantly monitor your requirements and allocate resources to you as required. Hosting and service centres operate seamlessly, maintained by a dedicated team of support, administration, and incident escalation resources. You enjoy peace-of-mind as a direct result of our in-depth understanding of your operational environment and goals.

We do business transparently. oXya Service Level Agreements (SLAs), for instance, are all included in your fixed monthly cost. They ensure you access the technical SAP services you need quickly and flexibly, without delay or service delivery limits.

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